Branding and Style

"Where do the trademarks go?"

I've maintained corporate styles on packaging for HP, AT&T, HTC, and nearly every division of Microsoft:

  • Office (suites and apps for 97, 2000, 2003, plus Publisher, Project, FrontPage, Visio)
  • Developer Tools (Visual Studio, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C#, Visual J#, MSDN)
  • Servers (Windows Server, Exchange, BizTalk, ISA, HIS)
  • Finance (Money, Works)
  • Home/Entertainment (Encarta, MapPoint, AutoRoute, Streets & Trips, ActiMates)
  • PC gaming (AoE, Flight Sim, Close Combat, Madness)
  • Hardware (keyboards, mice, webcams)

Companies need someone who can track the confluence of trademarks, jargon, product numbers, and precise naming that occurs in their product catalogs. My catalog experience includes projects for companies like Microsoft, Terra Universal, and Physio-Control.

Style Guides
Someone needs to edit the style guide before it's distributed to the world. I've worked on dozens of them, including: